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drawing 11 April 2017

Some days I just want to set my hair on fire.

Drawing on my clothing

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It’s something always told to children: “Don’t draw on your shirt!”

I love drawing on clothes – there’s something subversive about doing the thing that you’re not meant to do. The above are works in progress, mostly on skirts. I had a bit of a roll of drawing on clothing: four skirts and a shirt so far. I had to force myself to stop and go do other things. And there are so many other things to do; I’m trying to whittle down the heaps of fabric and garments to be upcycled into new garments, and at the same time minimize the amount of material I’m acquiring. I’m succeeding, but only just 🙂

The number of half-started, and un-started, projects was beginning to get a little oppressive. So much stuff. So little time. Limited energy. Gotta sleep occasionally! I write lists, I write down ideas, I make little sketches/thumbnails in an effort to keep hold of all the ideas that scurry round my brain, but I’m still afraid some are slipping through the memory sieve. I keep telling myself it’s okay, you don’t have to do everything, but I want to!

I’m maximizing finishes, minimizing new starts. It won’t last – the siren call of beginning something new and exciting is too loud – but for now, this moment, it feels like progress. Of a sort.

Buzz, buzz, buzz. My brain won’t shut up.


Pushme pullyou

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Double page from my art journal – thinking of the pushmi pullyu from Dr Dolittle.

“Am I heading in the right direction?” Some days I feel pulled in all directions, too many tabs open in my brain, too many demands on my attention and concentration. Torn apart in the middle. Trying to do a hundred things at once and getting nowhere.

I remind myself to breathe. Tackle one thing at a time. Make a list. Make a list and include items already complete, just so I can cross them off 🙂

See: I did achieve something.

Back catalog art

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Collaged book pages on gallery wrapped canvas, watercolour pencils and ink drawings.

I make a drawing every day on a book page, a project I’ve been working on since January 2008. Many of those images make their way into my art in various forms. I love the layer of upside down text; it adds a patina of history and meaning beneath the drawn lines.

Now up for sale in my Etsy shop at http://www.ElizabethAngusArt.etsy.com

Mirror Mirror

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art journal spread 7

An older spread from my art journal/altered book, musing on the subject of mirrors. I’ve long been fascinated with mirrors, hence my mini-obsession with Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Reflecting on reflections.

I don’t wanna hear any more sad poetry

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Some days it’s text not images that winds up in my drawing-a-day series. I have a deep and abiding passion for language, and finding a poem in an existing story is like mining for precious stones. Sometimes you find them, sometimes you end up covered in dirt and exhausted. I do love a brand new marker for these pieces, there’s such satisfaction in the hushed whicker of ink velveting the page in a smooth flow.

Shakespeare: a Savers score

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My find in Savers! First published 1925, my copy is reprinted 1937. There’s a good introduction and appendices, and a few lovely illustrations. I love the way old books smell – I’ve long ceased to be embarrassed about sticking my nose in a book and inhaling, despite some odd looks.

And it was a mere AU$2.99.

The one drawback is the price stickers Savers use. I’ve tried removing them from other things (notably dressmaking patterns) with no success. Or rather, I can remove them but not without damaging the object to which they are stuck. Ironing only seems to melt them into a hard plasticized mess and make them harder to remove. If it were something non-porous, I’d try eucalyptus oil but not on a book (I don’t want it to leave an oily stain).

Anyone have any tips for sticker-be-gone?

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